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Quaint Venue...Exceptional Value

You should not have to spend a small fortune to have a beautiful wedding. 

You've started your planning. 

You've created your Pin Boards. 

You're looking for the right spot to say "I do!". 

How about one that doesn't have surprise fees or charge extra for every little thing you want to add? 

Maybe one that offers both indoor and multiple outdoor ceremony spaces. 

How about one that has a dedicated Reception Hall for seamless transition from ceremony to celebration? 

Any of that sound like the venue for your family and friends to enjoy the wedding day you create? 

If so, keep reading. 

Perhaps we have just the venue for you.

Proceed with caution....

This site may provide insider information that will cause the following symptoms:

  1. Picturing yourself standing in the chapel, smiling at your future spouse, and saying "I do" in your mind
  2. Daydreaming about how cute you could decorate the reception hall with your favorite Pinterest ideas.  
  3. Torn thoughts between deciding on an indoor or outdoor ceremony
  4. Sticker shock..realizing that a beautiful wedding venue can also be affordable

Now that you're warned...enjoy the search! 


Kincaid Manor Chapel

Kincaid Manor Chapel

Are you wanting an outdoor wedding but worried about rain? 

Kincaid Manor has you covered...literally. 

Picture yourself in our indoor chapel with a full wall of windows that  is great for those dreaming of a space that can bring the outdoors inside.

You can use it as your back-up plan for inclement weather or plan stay indoors for an all-season space to host your big day!

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Receptions at Kincaid Manor

Henderson Hall

Henderson Hall is a dedicated space for a seamless transition from ceremony to celebration! No room flipping necessary. Our reception area has space for 125 guests with a covered patio to enjoy the beautiful setting of Kincaid Manor. The wall of windows creates the feel of being one with nature.

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Check out our Photo Gallery to see if you can picture your wedding being held in our venue. We enjoy seeing couples create their favorite Pinterest ideas!

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